FOnline 3

FOnline 3 Requiem is new fallout 1/2 MMORPG game. Like in other FOnline games our goal it's survive and gather much as possible. But in this game roleplay fight between big Players faction will take main role, Enclave, Travelers, Torr Army, Bounty Hunters, Civil Defense, Brotherhood of Steel and others will fight for dominate westeland. Based on FOnline: Requiem for 4 session, improving what was good and removing that what was unplayble.

Dynamic Balance

Over time, the game progresses, new armor and weapons appear, new dungeons and events become available.

Great Wars

Join one of the factions to dominate this world and fight for points of interest.

A lot of content

We have a lot of both group and single dungeons, you can farm, complete quests or capture the entire map as part of your faction.